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It's about partnerships

Streams Investing is here to partner with you. We’ve experienced first-hand what it feels like to build wealth, invest in stocks and bonds, diversify, and still feel stuck.

We’ve learned:

  • How to distinguish good opportunities from risky ones
  • How to vet operators and sponsors
  • How to put together individualized solutions for each client to generate true passive income.

What’s more, we invest right along with you!

Streams Investing is committed to creating successful partnerships, growth
opportunities, and a shared goal with every client:

To build wealth, generate income, and restore the peace & confidence that comes with true financial freedom.

It's about relationships

Streams Investing offers access to otherwise unobtainable opportunities through strategic partnerships and experienced operators. We have long-term relationships in the industry that allow us to build on that network for your financial benefit.

Through education and discovery, we work with each potential investor to determine whether or not passive investing is a good fit. From there, we can dive into specific opportunities that can truly create the freedom you’re ready for.

Meet Lori Vines

Lori has dedicated nearly her entire professional career to real estate, and is currently an equity partner to 7,772 doors in multi-family properties, 1760 units in self storage, participates in Mobile Home Parks acquisitions, and holds her own rentals.

Lori is a Registered Representative through Phase One Financial Services and a strategic partner with Thompson Investing. Lori has helped provide investor funds to experienced partners to purchase over 573M in acquisitions in the multi-family, self-storage, and mobile home asset classes.

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Streams Investing is a professional real estate firm offering commercial real estate investment opportunities through strategic partnerships with operators, sponsors, and accredited investors.

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