Simple, effective, personalized investment strategy with one shared goal: to generate wealth through passive income.

Our focus is empowering accredited investors to build wealth and confidence, by gaining access to commercial real estate opportunities that might otherwise be unobtainable.

Simply put, we invest along with our clients, into 3 specific asset classes within commercial real estate.

These investments work together to generate income, regular cash flow, equity, and leverage for each individual investor, for the life of the investment project.


Self Storage


Manufactured Home Parks

Every opportunity is vetted by Streams Investing, and we invest right alongside every client!


Turns out, people really like to live indoors, which means a family’s housing situation may shift, but housing will always be necessary. Tenants who move out of one property, create availability for other tenants in a different situation, and vice versa.

These properties are backed by hard assets (actual property), and can offer significant tax benefits, as well as consistent exit cycles (typically ~ 5 years). They also provide added value through rebranding, operational improvements, and potential repositioning.

This can result in better communities for our residents, increasing value for both the residents, and our investors.

Self Storage

People like their stuff! So even when economic shifts invite down-sizing, people tend to store and pay for the extra storage they need.

Growth opportunities show up in the ability to expand services, offer parking, retail services, moving trucks, as well as improve operational deficiencies.

Historically, the return performance data is significant, and the sector has successfully survived many economic downturns. Small increases in storage rent will usually not deter a tenant to spend a Saturday moving their stuff, so incremental increases improve returns. Once our investments are improved, stabilized, and operating efficiently, they become attractive to large institutional investors and provide our investors a successful exit strategy.

Manufactured Home Parks

Manufactured Home Parks / Communities are becoming a new and growing option, with baby boomers finding retirement communities just beyond their reach, and the parks themselves having limited availability. The demand remains consistent, with value-add opportunities to improve existing parks, adding amenities, and building a sense of community.

These properties are backed by hard assets (we own the dirt!), and can offer consistent cash flow, as tenants rarely relocate, since it’s so costly to move a manufactured home.

Occasionally, a park can be located on prime real estate which increases the potential for a developer to show interest in the purchase.

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